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ABC News: John Stamos on Being a Playboy in ‘My Man Is a Loser’

“The “Full House” heartthrob gives relationship advice in a game of “What Would John Stamos Do?””
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Los Angeles Times: Accolades for Kid Cannabis

“To say no good will come from any of this is hardly a spoiler. But how Norman and his gang learn the ropes, work the game and earn their fleeting, if nerve-wracking moment in the sun proves an enjoyable, well-crafted ride in the hands of writer-director John Stockwell.”
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Well Go USA Acquires ‘Kid Cannabis’; Expected to Hit Theaters in Time for 4/20

Well Go USA has acquired all U.S. rights to John Stockwell’s drug drama “Kid Cannabis” and plans to release the film in theaters and on VOD in the second quarter of this year, TheWrap has learned.
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Cain McKnight, New York Times

The New York Times Concludes “Don’t Just Pass The Joint, Sell It”

Imprint Entertainment delivers. “The youthful cast is pretty good and receives a delightful boost from two veteran actors, Ron Perlman as a kingpin who bankrolls the boys, and John C. McGinley as the grower whose product they import.”

“John Stockwell, the director, keeps things carefree as he explores the rise and eventual fall of the smuggling crew, a rags-to-riches-to- ruin saga that leaves most other teenage fantasies looking pretty anemic.”

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Pawn Movie Review

Detroit News Reviews “Pawn”

“Pawn” has some good moves.

Most of them come courtesy of former Detroiter Jay Anthony White’s sharp-turning, back-and-forth script, which keeps the viewer engaged at the same time questions are floating everywhere. It also doesn’t hurt that the film has Michael Chiklis — sporting an inexplicable British accent — as its chunky heart of darkness.

The initial set-up is simple enough. Derrick (Chiklis) leads two accomplices into a diner late at night for a stick-up. It’s revealed early on that Derrick is actually on assignment to steal a hard drive from a safe in the back of the place; anything else he gets is gravy.

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Pawn Movie Review from Celebrity Cafe

Last night I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and popped in Pawn, new to DVD and Blu-Ray and available to the public on April 23, 2013.

Complete with a star-studded cast (Forest Whitaker, Michael Chiklis, Nikki Reed, Jessica Szohr and Ray Liotta), Pawn is a true action-packed thrill ride of final opportunities in a dirty game where no one can be trusted and everyone can be the enemy.

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